American Football Association Hall of Fame

Red & Black



Legends Award Category - Watertown Red and Black, Celebrating 100th Year. (AFA Historians**)



Coaches Category - George Ashcraft - (Alvin Lollie**)

Pioneer Category - J.B. Wise* -  (AFA Historians**)


AFA All-Americans


3rd Team


RB Al Countryman


DB Trent Clark




Players Category - Mike Britton- (George Ashcraft**)


AFA All-Americans


Second Team


PK Scott Ford


DT Rubin Hano Hano


Third Team


PT Al Countryman




Pioneer Category - *Alex Duffy - (Mike Britton**)


Trainer Category - Dr. David Van Eenenaam - (George Ashcraft**)


AFA “General Manager of the Year” George Ashcraft




Players Category - Pat Nulty (George Ashcraft**)




Media Category - Mel Busler – (George Ashcraft**)


Golden football Award - For promoting Semi Pro Football


(George Ashcraft)




 Player/Coach: Steve Fisher – (George Ashcraft**)

2011  Player: Lynn Patrick – (George Ashcraft**)

2012  Player: Al Countryman – (George Ashcraft**)

2013  Player: Earnest Wash– (George Ashcraft**)

2014  Player: Patrick Killorin – (George Ashcraft**)

2015 Player: Doug Black - (George Ashcraft**)

2016 Player: Jamee Call - (George Ashcraft**)


2016 Coach: Jerry Levine - (George Ashcraft**)


2017 Player: Scott Ford - (George Ashcraft**)





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